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Physical disability advocacy

Advocacy for adults with physical disabilities

Sometimes a physical disability can make it harder to get people to listen to you and take what you say seriously.

If you feel you already experience discrimination and exclusion due to your ethnic or cultural background, mental illness, gender, sexuality or age, having a physical disability can become another barrier to getting your voice heard on issues that matter to you.

If you have a physical disability we can support you to have your voice heard on a range of issues such as:

  • Your health care and treatment
  • Social services
  • Housing
  • Finance
  • Benefits
  • Human rights issues. 

We provide physical disability advocacy to adults, including adults suffering from a sensory impairment.

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Our services are independent from health or social services and what you tell us will remain confidential (unless of a life-threatening nature). We want you to be in control of the advocacy process and will not make a decision without your consent.

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