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The Older Carers Advocacy Service

We provide advocacy support to people over 60 who are supporting or caring for an adult with a learning disability or autism.

Our aims are:

  • To provide one-to-one advocacy support to eligible carers.
  • Help older carers feel confident about asking for help and planning for the future.
  • Ensure older carers are receiving the services, support and care they need.
  • To provide information about local service developments, health, care, housing, benefit services etc. in the local area.
  • To promote and support the completion of emergency plans (Future Plan) for older carers and the people they care for.
  • To research what older carers want from the Older Carers Advcoacy Service and other relevant services.
  • To provide older carers with opportunities to meet other carers and gain support from talking to others and sharing experiences.

By helping to bring about sustained improvements in older carers lives, expanding their social networks, building confidence and self-esteem and encouraging carers to think and plan for the future, this project aims to increase the choice and control carers have over their lives and the lives of the person they care for.

We provide:

Advocacy and Information, Advice and Guidance