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Learning Disability Partnership Boards

A Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB) is made up of people with learning disabilities, carers and people from health and community services.

The aim of an LDPB is to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families. They work for and with people with learning disabilities as equal partners, and the activities of an LDPB are led by them.

What does an LDPB do?

  • Brings people together to talk about important issues for people with learning disabilities, and their family, friends and carers
  • Works to make sure the voices of people with learning disabilities are heard by local services
  • Ensures people with learning disabilities get their rights
  • Ensures people who provide services make their services available to people with learning disabilities, and make them easy to use
  • Tells services what people want, and how to make things better
  • Helps services to make decisions
  • Keeps people up to date with local issues affecting people with learning disabilities

West Berkshire LDPB

West Berkshire Learning Disability Partnership Board Big Meetings are held for adults with learning disabilities, carers, parents, adult social care, service providers and community support groups.

The meetings are held bi-monthly at Broadway House, Newbury.  Everyone is invited to attend the Big Meetings.  It's a great way to find out information.

The Partnership Board has its origin in the white papers Valuing People 2001 and Valuing People Now 2009.  The Board brings together all agencies to influence the development of future services and improve the lives of adults with learning disabilities. 


The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Learning Disability Partnership Board meets 6 times per year and involves people with learning disabilities, carers, local NHS and social care service providers and other local stakeholders. 

The Board works to improve the lives and safety of people with Learning Disabilities in RBWM and shares up-to-date information on relevant local and national issues and events.

The LDPB is a fully inclusive, open and accessible forum, which empowers people with Learning Disabilities and other community stakeholders, such as unpaid carers, to have a voice. By encouraging and supporting members to speak out, everyone’s voice will be heard and carry equal weight, giving everyone opportunities to contribute to decision-making.


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This service is provided by seAp in the following local authority areas:

  • Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead
  • West Berkshire