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We are proud to have developed c-App, a web-based digital tool which supports people preparing for ESA and PIP applications and assessments, which is available for anyone in England or Scotland to use for free. To access this, please visit 

About Disability Benefits Support Advocacy

Where funding can be secured, face-to-face disability benefits advocacy support may be made available in your area. The value of this is well recognised, and the video below highlights its impact upon one of seAp's former clients. However, as it is a non-statutory community service, it is not within the scope of Local Authorities to commission this. Unfortunately, there are currently no seAp teams which are able to offer this type of advocacy support as a face-to-face service.

A client tells us about her experience with PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and how advocacy transformed her life. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

If seAp Advocacy supports you, you can expect:

  • A face-to-face meeting with a trained advocate or volunteer, to go over your medical and social needs with you and to prepare a report for your assessor.
  • Someone to attend your assessment with you, to provide practical and sensitive support.