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seAp is an independent charity, currently providing services in the South of England as far North as Gloucestershire and Essex and West to Cornwall and East to Kent. In this area we hold approximately 30% of the Health Complaints Advocacy market. We are the third largest advocacy provider in the UK and pride ourselves in a professional, high quality, client-centred service.

We principally deliver support to individuals seeking to make a complaint about a service provided by the NHS; Independent Mental Health Advocacy to those detained under the Mental Health Act and Independent Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty advocacy for people with limited capacity, as well as community mental health advocacy.

Over recent years we have sought to extend the remit of advocacy to the wider community - where we believe the support we can offer can extend individuals’ rights. This has included support for:

  • Ex service people
  • People undertaking work capability assessments
  • People affected by anti-social behaviour

We have carried out research and practice-based early intervention (pregnancy/early years) for learning disabled parents; developed a model of advocacy support to Children of Deaf Adults and we are promoting the benefits of advocacy in care homes.

We are also looking to put resources into the public domain for those who cannot access our support, or for other providers to use with their clients, to prevent the need to continuously reinvent the wheel. This is seAp’s approach towards a ‘mobile responsive website’ which we are developing to provide information and guidance on the Government’s work capability medical assessment.  We work closely to the Advocacy Code of Practice and our commitment to providing a high quality, independent advocacy service is set out in our Engagement Protocol.

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