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seAp responds to Government consultation on draft Care and Support Bill

Posted: 19th October 2012

In July the Government published the White Paper Caring for our future: reforming care and support and the draft Care and Support Bill with the aim of transforming the social care system in theUK. At the time the DoH website stated that the aim was to ‘transform a system that reacts to crisis to one that focuses on prevention and is built around the needs and goals of people’.

Our response to the Bill recommends that to ensure the needs and goals of all people are taken into account with a new social care system, the provision and adequate funding of independent advocacy services must become included in the new legislation.

Independent advocacy helps secure rights, choice and control, ensuring that people can participate in decisions about their life. We therefore recommend that the general duty on local authorities to provide information and advice be expanded to include independent advocacy

We support many of the aims of the Bill, but are concerned that ‘advice and information’ alone is not adequate  for those most vulnerable in our society and those who struggle to access and  understand information (especially online information). 

Many of our services users tell us that they struggle to deal with the vast amounts of information available to them. We all know that ‘information overload’ can lead to paralysis. Access to an independent advocate would enable people to process the information, understand the choices available to them, access services and fully engage in their care.

Read our full response to the Care and Support Bill here.

Find out more about the White Paper and the Care and Support Bill here.

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