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seAp at Glastonbury

Posted: 2nd July 2015

Remembering Glaston-Berreh!


It’s three days since the Festival ended and I’m still recovering from the highs and lows of representing seAp on the recycling team.

As a first time Glastonbury visitor and first-time recycler nothing had quite prepared me for the sheer size of the event and the scale of the task ahead.

I was so impressed by our team’s sense of camaraderie and good humour while undertaking the hardest physical labour that many of us have experienced for a long time.  The pride we all took in doing the best possible job was an indication of the commitment and passion that seAp brings to everything it does and everyone there deserves a huge round of applause.

The Festival itself was a breathtaking feat of organisation, catering to every taste and need.  I’m sure everyone has seen the footage on TV, but nothing can convey the sheer joy of standing in a crowd of thousands of people of all ages, all singing the same happy songs….  And the shared amusement of Lionel Richie’s pronunciation of Glastonbury!

I know that everyone who went was able to share the message of Advocacy to everyone they met and hopefully that message will spread with all the stories people will take home with them from that very special place.  Will I go again?  Maybe, but not until next year!


- Liz (Strategic Services Manager)

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