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Our encounters with Madness - service user contribution

Posted: 18th December 2013

One of our service users, Maggie Lloyd has contributed to a book entitled ‘Our Encounters with Madness’. The chapter to which she contributed is a very powerful portrayal of a carer’s experience of local mental health services. Please see link to article here.

'Our encounters with Madness' is a collection of user, carer and survivor narratives. These are grouped under five themes: On Diagnosis, Stories of Experience, Experiencing the System, On Being a Carer, and Abuse and Survival. The book will be of great benefit to students of mental health, professionals, service users and carers, and to those interested in narrative enquiry and the pedagogy of suffering. Unlike most other books in this genre, the narratives are unmediated. Written by 'experts by experience', there are no professional biomedical of psychotherapeutic commentaries, which often serve to capture and tame, or sanitise, such stories of direct experience.

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