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Hospital Trust apologies for poor care and treatment

Posted: 10th July 2012

After a 12 day stay in hospital during which he described his nursing care as ‘scandalous’, Mr Davies returned home only to then find that he had contracted an MRSA infection. He decided to make a formal complaint and contacted us to explain how he felt about his experience.

His complaint raised nine concerns, including accusing nurses being rude and not responding to patients' bells. Mr Davies also said he had been left alone for a long period, partially-dressed and behind a curtain, and that he was given late medication and inappropriate food.

The hospital have apologised; a senior nurse said that ward staff were saddened to hear they had caused an elderly patient such distress and that the behaviour he had reported was clearly unacceptable.

Despite this Mr Davies is still not satisfied. His feeling is that the hospital doesn’t care about ‘oldies’ because the take up valuable bed space. He is determined to take his complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman. If he does, our advocacy team can continue to support him if he wishes.

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