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Making decisions in dementia care

Posted: 4th December 2012

An article last week in Community Care provides a useful review of recent research looking at how social workers “have welcomed the Mental Capacity Act’s clarity and acceptable value base, but not all social care practitioners are well informed about the legislation and their responsibilities”.

“The research also found that social workers often disputed or challenged the record of an individual’s lack of capacity if they felt the assessment had not been decision-specific; this was often seen as validating the social work role to advocate for individuals (Williams et al, 2012, p132). “

“Likewise, this report notes the need for decisions to be made in the real world, which so often involves some degree of compromise, for instance, in cases where a carer’s needs have to be considered alongside the best interests of a person lacking capacity: “Best interests decisions often had to balance the needs of one person against another.” (Williams et al, 2012, p11). “

The full article can be accessed here

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