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Happy Birthday seAp! seAp celebrates 20 years of advocacy

Posted: 6th August 2014

We celebrated our 20 year history at 2 separate events in Bristol and London last month, marking our presence in both the South West and South East of England.   

seAp started as a small, local, community advocacy provider inHastingsand has become one of the largest providers of advocacy services inEngland.  We’re delighted to have been supporting people to get their voices heard in GP surgeries, hospitals, care homes, prisons and in accessing social care and other services.  We have supported NHS patients, people with learning disabilities, children and young people, people with mental health issues and military veterans fromOxfordtoCornwall.

Bringing staff, volunteers, clients and trustees together was our way of saying thank you to those who have contributed to seAp’s success over the past 20 years and to reinforce the power of story telling. We heard from a client about how her advocate supported her through a long struggle to get the appropriate mental health services for her neighbour “I think I’m articulate, I think I’m bright, however, I did not know where to turn to.  I tried seAp and life just changed thereafter.”   And from a client who has been supported by her advocate to get the health service to learn the lessons from her mother’s death “I certainly could not have gone through this without seAp’s support.” 

Inua Ellams, performance poet, captivated us with his stories and poetry as well as sharing his exceptional writing skills with us.  We wish to extend our appreciation to Inua for his willingness to support seAp and the work that we do We had a series of workshops to help us tell our and our client’s stories in photographs, film and writing as well as a fantastic film crew who will be producing a film to show the work of our advocates and the impact that advocacy has on transforming lives and services.  

Our 20 year anniversary is also about looking to the future and ensuring that we are best placed to provide advocacy to all who need it for another 20 years and beyond. We’re determined that our (client) stories will be heard by all those in positions of power and that their experiences will improve health and social care services. We believe in the power of advocacy and that everyone at some time in their lives will need an advocate.

 Happy Birthday, seAp!

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