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seAp Chairman thanks dedicated staff for their commitment over the past 12 months

Posted: 11th October 2012

The seAp Board took the opportunity at seAp’s recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) to thank the staff for their dedication to helping clients get their voice heard by their local health and social care service providers. Recently appointed CEO,MarieCasey, who stood down from the Board of Trustees to take up her new position, was also warmly thanked for the leadership she has shown during her first few months with the organisation.

In the Chair’s Report, Graham Parker was clear about the charities mission, saying that, “seAp is a charity committed to working with people from all social and cultural backgrounds and of all ages.  We provide services that support the successful resolution of client issues, which hopefully prevent and reduce the devastating effects of people not having a voice or being unable to express their needs or concerns.”

He went on to recognise that the economic climate had simultaneously increased the need for support and made obtaining funding ever more problematic - an issue facing seAp along with many other voluntary sector organisations. You can read the full Chair’s report here.  

The AGM also provided an opportunity for seAp and the Trustees to formally welcome two new Trustees: Ketil Sorhaug and Kevin Edgar. TrusteePaul Cooper, announced his retirement from the Board andJim Wellerwho has been a seAp Trustee since 2008 stood for re-election which was approved.

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