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Information for health or care professionals

Providing a professional advocacy service for your clients

As a health or social care professional you meet and work alongside a diverse range of people in your community. Some of them may find it harder to express their views, wishes and needs than others.

Mental ill health, physical or learning disabilities, old age, youth, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds can all influence the way we communicate and our ability to be heard by those who make decisions about our lives.

People who are vulnerable or marginalised from mainstream society can find it difficult to access the services they need. It can be even harder for them to raise the issues or concerns they may have about the services they are receiving.

Independent advocacy can help. Find out more about advocacy.

Your clients or patients could benefit from having a trained advocate work with them to get their voice heard about issues that matter to them.

We work closely to the Advocacy Code of Practice and our commitment to providing a high quality, independent advocacy service is set out in our Engagement Protocol.

Our Services

We provide a range of statutory and non-statutory advocacy and advocacy-related services throughout the south of England.

We provide many of our services under contract to local authorities and health commissioners throughout the south of England.

Private health and care services

If you work for a private health or care service and think your clients or patients could benefit from independent advocacy support, we would like to talk to you. We currently provide mental health services to some private mental healthcare providers and are looking to expand our work in this area. 

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If you think your clients or patients could benefit from advocacy support please get in touch.