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Kay's Story (not clients real name)

The client wished to complain about the poor treatment she received whilst undertaking an inpatient alcohol detox programme, the environment of the hospital, and about the poor treatment she observed of other patients on the ward.

Melchor's Story (not clients real name)

A young Filipino man, with limited English, was held under section in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) in Oxford for nearly two years.

John's Story

John is an ex-army veteran who was detained  in a prison in Oxfordshire. He was very unhappy with the service he was receiving from the prison health care service and wanted advocacy support to help him challenge his treatment.

An Innocent Prisoner

Mr Barrass complained about the treatment his mother received in a care home and he wants his mother’s story to influence the way complaints are investigated and the way care homes are regulated.

Service used:

Simon's Story

The support of an Independent Mental Health Advocate helped Simon gain the confidence to self-advocate and secure his discharge from a medium secure unit.

Nicole's story

Nicole needed support with an Exceptional Funding Appeal to try and overturn her PCT's decision not to fund an out-of-county treatment package recommended by her consultant.

Syd and Patricia Older Carers Advocacy Service Plymouth

Syd and Patricia's story

Service used: Older Carers Advocacy

Now in their 80s, Syd and Patricia have been in touch with our Older Carers Advocacy Service since it was launched. Their son, Colin, has been registered blind since birth and has learning difficulties. Now 54, Colin has trouble walking and is diabetic. In recent years he has been diagnosed with cancer - twice.

“The support we’ve had from the Older Carers Advocacy Service has been amazing. Anne, our advocate, is a rock. If we have any problems ourselves or need help with any aspect of Colin’s care we get in touch and Anne will help us to sort things out. If she doesn’t know the answer immediately she will always take the time to find out!”

With Anne’s support Syd and Patricia have each had a carer’s assessment and for the first time the couple have access to a social worker and are receiving a respite care budget. With Anne’s support a personalised budget has been arranged for Colin and his parents have been able to think positively about what will happen when they can no longer give him the care he needs. By working with Anne to complete a FuturePlan which details their views and wishes with regard to Colin’s care in an emergency or crisis situation, the whole family now feel confident that Colin will be properly looked after and that going into a care home is not the only option for him.

“The most important thing for us has been having someone we can talk to who really cares about our needs. We aren’t just given instructions and handed leaflets and left to get on with it ourselves. The Older Cares Advocacy Service is there to actually support you to sort out and resolve the issues or concerns you have. It is the best thing that has ever happened to us.”