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seAp Asks for a Rethink on Disability BenefitsPosted: 18th March 2016 by Tagged:  

seAp is urging the Government to rethink proposals contained within this week’s Budget to reduce the number of people claiming Personal Independence Payment, PIP for short. The changes will save the Government more than £4bn over four years, but the IFS suggest they will cost up to 370,000 disabled people an average of £3,500 a year.  

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House of Lords Rejects Government changes to Disability BenefitsPosted: 28th January 2016 by Tagged:      |      |      |      |   

The House of Lords rejected the Governments proposed changes to out of work benefits for disabled people yesterday (27th January 2016).

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In response to NAO reportPosted: 8th January 2016 by Tagged:      |      |      |      |      |    Read more