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Positive feedback from service users about their advocates

Posted: 13th May 2013 by Marie Casey
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A highlight for me has been receiving compliments and positive feedback  from service users about their advocates and the service they have received.  It brings to life the great work that is going on in our teams.  In the last two weeks, we have received positive feedback from 4 service users who shared their experiences with us and the value they placed on the advocacy support they got.  The powerful messages about the benefits of advocacy included a client reporting that the support of their advocate prevented them from taking their life at a point of crisis, a couple found the confidence to advocate for themselves following support from their advocate, another person was able to resolve a complaint that had been going on for seven years which enabled him to gain closure following the death of his wife and another person was supported to break a downward cycle and get permanent accommodation.  This feedback brought home the importance of personal relationships between the client and advocate.  I feel privileged and proud to be leading an organization that changes people’s lives. 

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