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Broadmoor a hospital, not a prison. ITV documentary

Posted: 6th November 2014 by Sarah-Jane summer
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Having worked in Broadmoor as a seAp advocate for a couple of years, it felt strange watching patients and staff that I knew.  Although its only been 7 months since I left there, it feels like a lifetime ago yet also like only yesterday.

Much of yesterday afternoon and evening, I was poised with pen in hand to write a strongly worded letter of complaint to the ITV producers - expecting sensationalist, dramatised and out of context editing. It didn't help that the opening sentence described Broadmoor as a name which makes people shiver. Is this true?

This morning I can happily say that I have set my pen aside.

My opinion is that ITV have showed a balanced view and have presented Dr Basu's thoughts that patients can be victims as well as perpetrators.

I am pleased that Broadmoor has finally been described in the public arena as a hospital and not a prison. It feels important to me, that alongside the attention which offending and violence generates, attention is also given to mental health and the treatments available. 

Instantly my commitment and passion, to support people experiencing mental health, no matter how complex, came to the forefront.

I’m looking forward to next week’s episode which I hope will show seAp advocates in action.  And I hope my pen will only be needed to congratulate ITV.

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