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Ten reasons to choose us 

  1. We have a successful track record of 25 years providing a wide-range of statutory and non-statutory advocacy services such as Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy, Independent Care Act Advocacy,  community mental health advocacy  and Independent Mental Health Advocacy.
  2. We have delivered Independent Health Complaints Advocacy across the south England for the past 14 years. Our track record of delivering health complaints advocacy puts us in a unique position - we have substantial experience of: 
    • Supporting people through the NHS Complaints Procedure.
    • Working alongside local health services to resolve individual NHS complaints.
    • Achieving successful outcomes from NHS complaints for patients and their families.
  3. We have experience of providing a range of other advocacy-related services that complement statutory advocacy such as our c-App resource for people preparing to undertake ESA or PIP assessments and our specialist Military Advocacy Service for armed forces veterans and their families.
  4. Our advocacy-related services add value to existing services, supporting the most vulnerable to gain confidence, build self esteem and engage in society.
  5. We view partnership working as essential to providing a holistic and joined up service to ensure that all the needs of your community are met quickly and cost-effectively.
  6. We have multi-disciplinary professional advocacy teams located across the south of England which means we can provide a broad range of advocacy and related services throughout your region. 
  7. All our advocates are highly professional. All have undertaken Basic Advocacy Training and the majority have obtained the Qualification in Independent Advocacy (QIA) awarded by City & Guilds. 
  8. Our advocates are home-based and as such they are local to the community but benefit from the support of their peers and managers on a regular basis.
  9. Our advocates work flexibly to support people when they need it, where they need it and in the way that best meets their needs. Our managers are experienced at targeting resources effectively to ensure high quality, cost effective support is available to the community.
  10. Our experience encompasses all areas of the community including prisons, psychiatric units, mental health hospitals, day care centres and residential homes for adults and young people.

If you are a local commissioner, service-provider or voluntary sector organisation we would like to talk to you about how we can work together to improve the quality of life for people in your community.

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