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Our Quality Awards

Our services have received the endorsement of two key Quality Marks:

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)

Recognised for Excellence

EFQM Recognised for excellence 4 star


EFQM "Recognised for Excellence" is Europe’s leading recognition programme for organisational performance, and forms part of the EFQM Levels of Excellence. In February 2017, seAp was once more externally assessed by the British Quality Foundation against the EFQM Excellence Model. During the site visits, assessors spoke to around 40 staff and Trustees, resulting in seAp receiving the EFQM Recognised for Excellence 4-Star Award (improving upon the 3-star Award received in 2014). By achieving 4 stars, seAp has demonstrated that we are operating at a high standard of performance and are continuously looking for ways to improve our service, demonstrating accomplishment in all of the Fundamental Concepts of Excellence that underpin the EFQM Excellence Model:

•  Adding Value for Customers
•  Creating a Sustainable Future
•  Developing Organisational Capability
•  Harnessing Creativity & Innovation
•  Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity
•  Managing with Agility
•  Succeeding through the Talent of People
•  Sustaining Outstanding Results

The 4-star award indicates that an organisation performs well, is achieving positive results, takes change seriously, gets things done and invests in practices that will lead to success. Effective leadership, clear strategies, successful partnership working and good communication, both within the organisation and with stakeholders, were all highlighted. The assessors particularly noted an evident commitment across the organisation to seAp’s vision and values and to our agility in responding to challenges and opportunities, including significant investment in digital solutions, both internally and to client benefit.

This award is a tribute to our staff and the robust processes and innovative approaches deployed throughout our organisation; all of which have helped achieve sustained results and evidenced continuous improvement.

Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) 

In June 2016, following a strict assessment process conducted over several months, seAp was awarded the new NDTi assessed Advocacy QPM which is valid until May 2019 and which includes the IMCA Specific Review Award. This is a very important quality mark for seAp, since it recognises the high standard of service delivery across our organisation and our commitment to the Advocacy Charter.  

 The 2016 assessors highlighted:

  • A strong sense of organisational clarity of purpose
  • Robust and well thought through service design and delivery
  • Clear, thorough and easy to follow policies and procedures which meet QPM requirements
  • A strong ethos of personal and organisational learning 
  • Strong partnership working practices with a collaborative and values-based approach
  • Staff are passionate about their role and positive about their experiences of working for seAp
  • Staff report feeling valued, empowered, connected, engaged and well supported
  • Strong evidence of person-centred advocacy provision focused on developing resilience and ability to self-advocate wherever possible
  • Contact Centre staff understanding of advocacy and social care is excellent
  • IMCAs have an excellent understanding of their role, remit, boundaries and legislation
  • Excellent quality IMCA reports are well-written, person-centred and with clients' views and preferences clearly expressed   
  • Fantastic sharing of good practice across the organisation
QPM Advocacy Quality Services   seAp was first awarded the original Action-4-Advocacy QPM in December 2010.