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Our complaints procedure

We are committed to providing people who use and commission our services with the best possible service.

However we recognise that there may be times when that service falls short of the quality expected. If you have had a poor experience of any of our services we would like to hear about it. Contact us here.

Any complaint needs to be made within twelve months of the case closure.

If you want to make a complaint about our service we will ensure:

  1. Your complaint is thoroughly investigated.
  2. You are fully supported throughout the complaints procedure.

In the interests of impartiality the investigation will be conducted by a seAp manager of one of our services not connected with your complaint, or by our Chief Executive. You can choose to be represented by an advocate if you wish.

Our complaints process

Stage 1 - Informal discussion between the complainant and the manager of the service concerned to clarify any details and, where possible, find a way to resolve the complaint.

Stage 2 - If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 1 or choose not to undertake informal discussion, you can issue a formal complaint verbally or in writing to the manager of the service you are complaining about, or to our Chief Executive. You will receive an initial response to your complaint within seven working days of us receiving it.

An investigating officer will be appointed and your complaint will be fully investigated within three weeks and the outcomes communicated to you, the manager concerned and the Chief Executive.

Stage 3 - If you are unhappy with the outcome of Stage 2 you have the right to appeal to our Executive Board. The Board will convene an ad hoc Committee which will report on your complaint within a further four weeks.

Stage 4 - If you remain unhappy, following the outcome of Stage 3, you may refer your complaint to your local Council and then, if unsatisfied with their response, on to the Local Government Ombudsman.

 Download our Complaints information leaflet by clicking here: 

Complaints Leaflet