Support . Empower . Advocate . Promote

Our Purpose - what we do

seAp Advocacy works completely independently of all health and social care service provision. Our advocates strive to uphold the rights of vulnerable people and support them towards living more secure, independent and fulfilled lives.

We enable people to understand their options, communicate their preferences and ensure they are heard. Advocates support their clients to negotiate their next steps, whilst addressing the barriers that are holding them back.

Through seAp’s dedicated training arm ‘Advocacy Training’, we ensure that all our advocates are trained to the highest standards set by City & Guilds, and offer training to external organisations for payment. 

Our Vision - how we see the future

A society of empowered citizens with control over their lives, supported where needed in accessing and claiming their rights.  

Our Mission - why we are here

  • To help anybody that needs independent support to have their voice heard
  • To deliver quality and innovation in advocacy through our practice and training
  • To improve client outcomes by putting the case for advocacy to policy-makers 


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