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The Royal Assocation for Deaf People (RAD) works in partnership with seAp to provide accessible services for our clients in a number of areas.

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RAD promotes equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services. They have been working with Sign Language users and promoting Deaf people’s rights since 1841. In 2016, RAD celebrated their 175th anniversary. 

RAD provides advocacy in a client’s first or preferred language; British Sign Language (BSL) or other visual communication such as Signed Supported English (SSE), Makaton, or Deafblind manual/hands on - and not through interpretation.

All of RAD’s Advocates are Deaf themselves, or fluent in BSL, and are able to adjust their communication to meet the needs of the people they work with.

RAD is proud to have achieved the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM), awarded in 2016 for 3 years, and works within the Advocacy Charter and Code of Practice. 

Providing direct advocacy services (i.e. not via interpretation) supports the development of a trusting and engaging relationship between a Deaf client and an advocate. Many of RAD’s advocates have personal experience of deafness and/or are trained to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the additional barriers and issues some Deaf people face in comparison to their hearing peers.

Additionally, RAD’s first or preferred language services reduce costs, delays and the communication breakdown risks which booking a registered sign language interpreter (and possibly an additional deaf relay translator) to facilitate communication can bring.

For more information about RAD’s advocacy services please contact:         SMS: 07749965727

or contact your local seAp team.

This service is provided by seAp in the following local authority areas:

  • Bath & North East Somerset
  • Bristol
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cornwall
  • Essex
  • Isle of Wight
  • Isles of Scilly
  • Kent
  • North Somerset
  • Oxfordshire
  • Plymouth
  • Somerset
  • South Gloucestershire
  • Southampton City
  • Torbay
  • Wiltshire