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Do we Care in the Community?Posted: 9th December 2015 by Tagged:  

The reality is that the demographic is changing—we are living longer and we will continually live longer unless of course we get poorer and then we will die younger. 

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seAp IMCAs support Judge's ruling against forced life saving amputation for mentally ill manPosted: 5th October 2015 by Tagged:  

seAp advocacy applauds the recent High Court judgment which ruled that a mentally ill man with diabetes should not be forced to undergo a life-saving amputation by an NHS trust even though his condition would lead to death. 

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A Case for Advocacy!Posted: 21st August 2015 by Tagged:  

Don't Take My Baby, the first of BBC 3’s Defying the Label series is very powerful TV which showed the struggles that a disabled couple went through to keep their baby. The BBC website said:

“This emotional tale will call viewers’ prejudices and beliefs about the disabled community and society as a whole into question, as we learn about a situation many disabled couples find themselves in as new parents.”

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